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Backdrops Showcase Widget

Here is one more reason why PB Backdrops & More is your #1 Leader in the Industry.

We have a new program to let you showcase the backdrops you already own or the ones you want to own but do not want to buy until your clients pick them. The program's available to anyone who's purchased from us, or who wants to purchase from us.

All you need do is add the Widget to your existing website. The widget lets you showcase any or all of our 650+ backdrops so that your clients can select what they want. They then tell you their choice, and at this point you can purchase said backdrops at - backdrops that have already been spoken for!

It's a great way to offer Amazing Backdrops without having to invest until your clients have picked - and one more opportunity for you to capture an upsell on your existing products and services.

The best part about this is that it is absolutely FREE because everybody wins. Click here to get it now, or start by following the simple instructions on the video below and wahlaaaa! You are ready.



Watch the video, Learn More